Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Steel Cut Oatmeal (Basic)

This Vegetarian Slow Cooker has made no secret of her general dislike of hot breakfast cereals. Nevertheless, the steel cut oats were trotted out again to make a basic oatmeal, after the surprising success of  Maple Spiced Fruit Steel Cut Oatmeal.  Steel Cut Oats are groat grains cut into thirds.  Due to their dense grainy nature, they usually require soaking or long simmers on the stove.  This makes them perfect easy crock fodder. Toss oats and water into the crock before bed, and wake up to perfect, hot, creamy oatmeal. The proportions for basic Steel Cut Oatmeal in crock are 1 part oats to 4 parts water.  This basic recipe serves four.  Smaller or larger portions can easily be made in a large crock if that is the only size available.  If a large crock pot is all you have, choose an oven safe dish, mix your desired serving amounts in it, and place the smaller dish into the large crock.    

Winner, Loser, or Meh

I am stunned.  This was so delicious.  When I awoke it was creamy and perfect.  I scooped up a bowl, tossed a pat of butter on top and sprinkled a generous large spoonful of brown sugar all over it.  I had to force myself to stop after the second bowl.  This was so delicious, nutty, and hearty.  Yum!


I used a 2 1/2 quart crock for this.  If you only have a large crock, you can make this or smaller servings by placing the ingredients into a smaller oven safe dish, and setting it inside the large crock. You can even make an individual bowl with the proper 1 to 4 ratio of oats to water, and wake up to an individual size serving.

  • 1 cup steel cut oats
  • 4 cups water
(Serves 4)
    Spray crock with no stick spray. Add water and oats. Cover and cook on low all night. About 8 hours.

    Optional toppings that go well with steel cut oats:
    • butter(pictured)
    • brown sugar (pictured)
    • milk or cream
    • maple syrup
    • raisins
    • cinnamon

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